With My Help You will...
  • Achieve a Lean, Muscular Physique.
  • Avoid the Weight Loss Plateaus. 
  • Learn how to Double the Fat Loss
  • Increase your Energy & Sex Drive. 
  • Discover Eating Strategies for Sustainable Results.
  • Master the Art of Staying Lean All Year Round. 
With my help, I GUARANTEE you'll get in the best shape of you life!
Avoid the Weight Loss Mistakes & Plateaus!
"Tayo is the real deal! I have worked with enough trainers in the past to know that Tayo really knows what he is doing! He tailors my workout to my specific needs and goals. I ask a lot of questions and he is patient and intellectualizes each exercise so that I understand how it will affect me anatomically. On top of it all, he is caring, empathetic and attentive while pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Over the last 2 years, I have become stronger both physically but mentally as well. “ - Dave 

" Tayo is in all respects the perfect trainer. As a prior gym owner and someone who has trained with many PT's, I found Tayo to have complete client focus and always well prepared for our sessions. I achieved excellent progress while under his guidance.  I had a few injuries and Tayo built a program around each injury to get me fully functional.  The routines for my shoulder and low back were just what I needed to  build strength and flexibility in those areas and I have not had any issues since.  I highly recommend Tayo as an expert PT, - Pat
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I'll coach you how to get in the best shape of you life, fast.   
6 Weeks
Stop doing the same thing and not getting the results you want!

Let me show you exactly how to get lean faster than you ever thought possible!

This program is not for everyone.

What I mean is, it is for people who are willing to PUT IN THE WORK

If you are looking for a "magic pill" solution, this is not for you.

This is only for the dedicated. For those who want to get this part of their life handled once and for all.

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